Me and some buddies came here last night for dinner.

  • Chilly Fried Lamb – A bit watery, a friend and I expected the dish to be a dry dish, but the dish came out soaked. There wasn’t a lot of lamb. Also the lamb was soaked in some sort of spices that made for a weird combination with the tomato sauce. The rice was a bit dried and seemed to have been leftovers from last night.
  • Andhra Chicken Curry Dosa – The dosa was huge. The curry had this spicy aftertaste kick. The spice on the dish was very strong and was very overpowering. The dosa was crispy and came with a side of sambar.

Decor: The staff was a bit lackluster on responding to request. We had to ask for a pitcher of water over and over again. The silverware had specks of food on it. The tables and chairs were ok. There is a tv with MTV Indian going in the background.  It was amusing to see music videos and India’s next top model.

Overall Assessment: ($, 1/10) – The restaurant is billed as in Indo-Chinese restaurant. However it was definitely more Indian than Chinese. Everyone in the restaurant except for us and this other table were Indian.  The food was so so but the prices were lower than what one would expect. Also when I got the receipt, it stated Curry N Kabob, which is child company of Minerva. So this is another child of Minerva; cause if it is, it really fell far from the tree.

Website: N/A
Location: 2545-Q13 Centreville Road, 20171
Reservation: 703.793.3044
Takeout: Yes
Hours: Unknown